Bitcoin Price Hits $7700

The Bitcoin price rose by nearly 5% overnight on Sunday to touch the $7700 level after having had a relatively quiet Sunday trading between the $7400 and $7500 mark. This unexplained boost could probably be due to more investors taking their money out of other crypto currencies and sliding them into the top cryptocurrency.

At 9 am CEST on Bitfinex, the Bitcoin price was trading at around $7660 – a rise of 4%. Other coins were still relatively at low levels however with Ethereum trading at around $466 – a mere 1% increase whilst Ripple and Litecoin remained relatively stable in the $0.46 and $86 levels respectively.

According to analysts, it could mean that a bullish forecast is on the way for bitcoin price. A sell-off could trigger the opposite direction although the considerable increase in volume which almost touched the $1 billion mark across all exchanges, could see that scenario dissipate quite quickly.

However, if the current momentum continues, one should expect the 55-period-EMA to cross the short-term averages once more, creating another potential bullish setup as it edges closer toward its next psychological target of $8,000. If that target is breached then the price could go all the way to the $10,000 level in a very short space of time and potentially drag other coins with it.

Featured image from Shutterstock.

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