Cleaning bitcoins with BitBlender tumbler

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BitBlender features

BitBlender is one of the oldest and most easy to use Bitcoin mixers out there. It has been around for several years, and it is likely one of the most popular mixers, along with others. Bitcoin Blender was launched in 2014, by an anonymous Bitcoin enthusiast and software developer. The website can be accessed through the clearnet and darknet.


  • Randomized service fee (1-3%)
  • Customizable delay (optional, up to 99 hours)
  • Multiple address withdrawals (optional)
  • Optional Two-Factor Authentication (PGP)

The mixing service provided by BitBlender has a randomized fee of 1-3% and allows you to send BTC to up to 10 different addresses for maximum privacy. The fee is randomized to ensure maximum anonimity as values become unpredictable. Although users have to register an account to use the full set of tools (which is a very simple process), BitBlender also features a “quick mix” mode that allows users to quickly clean their Bitcoins without registering an account. This feature also has a quick mix code that identifies each mix in order to ensure you don’t get the same coins you sent in a previous mix.

BitBlender also offers an Auto-Withdraw service that allows you to specify to which addresses your BTC should be mixed to once they arrive at the account.

If you’re new to the dark web and Bitcoin mixers, BitBlender also provides you with quality support and an introductory page that answers most questions. If your questions still linger, then you can always contact support to get them answered.

Creating an account

To use all of the features that Bitblender provides, users are required to register an account. The process is extremely straightforward and does not require any email or personal info to be submitted. Just go to “Register”, enter your username, password, and captcha then click “Register”. Your account will be created and ready to use.

How to use?

After creating an account, you can mix their Bitcoins by going to “Deposit” and getting a new deposit address. After sending funds to the address shown, you can go to “Withdraw” and choose a number of coins you want to mix and addresses where to send them to. You can use up to 10 addresses. If you enter more than one wallet, your coins will be sent to said randomly to the addresses.

You can also set a time delay which will throw off blockchain analysis even further and ensure your anonymity. You can also stop all pending withdrawals by clicking “Abort withdraws” on the withdraw page.

Additional Features

BitBlender offers two additional tools that can be of great service. The first being Auto-Withdrawal and the second being Quick-Withdraw.

The Auto-Withdrawal tool allows you to set addresses to which the website will automatically mix your coins to once these are received. This feature will save you a lot of work if you need to mix your coins regularly.

To activate Auto Withdrawal, simply go to the Withdraw page, scroll down, enter your address(es) and click “Turn on automatic withdrawing.”


If you want to show BitBlender to your friends or market it somewhere, you can use the referral program. The deposits made by you and your referred users in the last 7 days are counted and if these deposits reach a minimum of 10 bitcoins in total you will get a bonus of 0.5% of all the new deposits made by you or referred users after arriving at this minimum. You can get your referral link on the “Profile” tab.


BitBlender offers a F.A.Q page that will answer most of your questions. If that’s not the case, then you can always email the support team on this very page. Only go to “Support” to access the FAQ/Support, scroll down and type in your question. The reply will be shown on this very page.

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  • augot

    Bitcoin transactions can have multiple inputs and outputs. You can never know for sure, which input paid for which output in case of coinjoin, where inputs are from different people and outputs go to different people too.

  • redo

    Is a decent site?

  • 索资源平台

    Yes, is a good replacement for closed Bitmixer

  • ShandY

    QuickMix is really cool feature. Almost instant mixing without account creation