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We have recently reviewed Bitcoin Fog mixer and today we`ll introduce its' competitor Helix Light.

Helix Light. Why is it best Bitcoin tumbler?

Due to the fact that service is integrated to the Grams system, the technology of tumbling doesn't have analogs. The coins, which have been received from the user, are not just mixing, but trading for new ones, which have never been used before. Of course, it has something to do with cooperation with Blockchain, however with the aim of security more information is kept secret. This system is used in all Grams services since its foundation.

Every bitcoin, loaded in Grams account, starts a process of tumbling and exchanging, thus the reserve of cleaned coins is formed. But even when there are no free coins, the maximum processing time will stay 4 hours. Impessively, isn't it?


When you filled the address form, where clean coins will be transmitted, you will have from 8 to 15 hours to send there your "dirty" coins. You also can add Delay before start and divide outgoing transaction into few parts. Load your bitcoins on the indicated address and you will receive new and clean coins during 1 hour. All stages of "cleaning" process are displayed on the status page. It is obligatory to save "Helix Verify String". In the case of any incidents you will be able to contact the support. This information will be the service's warranty liability.



Transaction logs will automatically become empty in 7 days, but you can make it by yourself, immediately after the end of mixing.


To make the service resistant to different forms of cyber attacks, Helix Light was put on the separate server, which is not connected with Grams server and others, where bitcoin clientsare working. Even supposing that Grams server will be attacked or compromised, it will not influence on Helix Light's work.


Maximum cleaning time can be up to 4 hours. In reality, there is ample supplies of cleaned coins most of the time and the change takes less than 1 hour. You can set the Delay before start of the process. This option is recommended by the owners to rise anonymity.


  • The service's comission is 2.5% from the amount.
  • Minimal amount is 0.02 BTC
  • Maximum amount is 21 BTC hlx3.jpg

To access the service use links below

UPDATE: Video guide

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  • btstmpman

    I always process my coins with this mixer before sending them to stock exchange